Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Installation Process for Developing Android Apps

How to install Android SDK in Eclipse

Eclipse is the best IDE for developing android application. But installing Android SDK in eclipse is not easy if you are a beginner. I also faced lot of problems when I was new, but after spending hours I was able to set up android SDK with eclipse and developed my firstHello World application. Now here are the steps to how I have done it :
Software needed : Eclipse HeliosJDKAndroid SDKADT plugin for Eclipse.
  1. Download and Install Eclipse Helios and JDK.
  2. Install Android SDK and update it. It will take a lot of time to update, after successful updation mine overall setup became of about 1.49 GB.
    Update Android SDK
  3. Run Eclipse and go to Help -> Install New Software…
    Install New Software...
  4. A new pop up window of Install will open. Click on Add… and browse to the ADT plugin.
    Add ADT
  5. After adding the ADT plugin, Tick the Check box, and click next [Note : It needs internet connectivity, and it will download some files that may take 10 to 15 minutes depends on your internet speed]
    Install Software
  6. When the ADT plugin is successfully installed, go to Window and click on Preferences.
  7. Click on Android in the left sidebar, and then browse to the Android SDK folder installed in your PC.
    Android SDK folder
  8. Do not forget to set up the Environment Variable, Right click on My Computer, go to properties, then click on Advance system settings, double click the path and add the location of Android SDK -> tools, like in my PC I have added C:\android_sdk\tools.
    Environment Variable Android SDK
  9. Restart Eclipse and Congratulations! Your Eclipse is now capable of developing Android apps. :-)

for the first time, u may not see the android  in the 'new ' menu in the eclipse. At that time , in the new project, select others, in that select Android. u will b getting. 


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